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    ZODIAC BLOG POSTS — capricorn

    How To Tell If a Capricorn Man Likes You

    How To Tell If a Capricorn Man Likes You

    (Photo/T-shirt design :: Petite Tiger Designs)

    Here are 6 signs that will help you to tell if your Capricorn man is just so into you:

    1. He's open to share his secrets with you

    He is very shy and rarely shows his deep emotions quickly. Don’t expect him to open his true self and secrets in public; however, when he shares a bit of his secrets with you, it’s surely a sign.

    2. He is possessive especially with the girl he feels interested

    Capricorn man proves to be very possessive especially in the person they are interested. He does not want anyone coming in the way; so, it’s easy to say possessiveness is the main sign telling a Capricorn wants a relationship with you.

    3. He will never commit stupid flirtations

    He will never commit stupid flirtations and waste his time uselessly. He does not easily fall love and has no belief in 'love at first sight’. He will only seek your attention, and patience is his best tool in developing a serious long term relationship.

    4. He is interested in becoming your close friend 

    Even if your Capricorn is in love, you may have to make the first move. Before he considers a romantic relationship with you, he will probably prefer becoming close friends first. This is his device to know you better before committing to you for life.

    5. He offers you coffee, dinner, or lunch

    He is a realistic guy who keeps adding fun and enjoyment in your life. If he constantly offers you coffee, dinner, or lunch, or even wants to go on a trip with you, then he is surely in love with you.

    6. He engages you in a discussion regarding your work and goals

    He consumes his business quite seriously and sees it as a crucial extension of who he is as individual. If he engages you in a discussion regarding your work and goals, you can tell he’s feeling a thing for you personally. He tends to look for a partner who shares the similar career outlook as he does. You are able to move closer to winning his heart if he discovers your work fascinating.

    Like all other things in life, a Capricorn man regards love seriously. He is neither a philanderer nor a player. True love is his poison and he is willing to wait patiently for as long as it may take. But once he finds it, he will work even harder to maintain it. He will either start planning for a happily ever after or move away in search of better pastures. There is no time to waste playing mind games. A Capricorn man in love is a closet romantic. He keeps it low and deep.

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