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    This Is How You Love A Scorpio

    This Is How You Love A Scorpio

    Prioritizing Loyalty.

    Once you have entered the inner circle of a Scorpio’s life, you will forever have a protector and advocate in your corner. However, if you do not reach their inner circle, you will be left to fend for yourself as the Scorpio will be too busy focusing on the things he or she actually cares about.

    Earning Their Trust.

    Scorpios have the ability to seem vulnerable without really providing any personal information and will keep you guessing before they decide what to do with you; but once they trust you, their walls will crumble and they will put themselves at your mercy. The flipside? It is very difficult to earn a Scorpio’s trust. You will realize only too late that you have spilled your life’s story without getting an ounce in return.

    Accepting Their Raw Honesty.

    Scorpios tend to be honest to a fault. They will rarely leave you guessing about where they stand or what they think, especially if you ask. This doesn’t mean they trust you, but they don’t see the point in lying if you’ve asked for their opinion on something or how they feel about you. When Scorpios extend compliments, it seems like Gospel truth and it’s hard to disbelieve it. Unfortunately, this is also the feeling that accompanies any unpleasant things they might say; and Scorpios don’t discriminate between the two.

    Reciprocating Their Love Language.

    Scorpios are famed for oozing sex appeal; but it’s not only their ability in bed that gives them this reputation. It is also their ability to tease, flirt, and summon with a touch or a look. Cancers require an emotional connection and a good deal of coaxing to come out of their shells, which calls upon the Scorpios skills in wooing. This quality is usually the initial reason for most Cancer/Scorpio connections. There is a mutual understanding of what the other needs that surpasses words. The Cancer will be surprised by his or her immediate sexual attraction to the Scorpio, and will feel safe by the Scorpio’s restraint in waiting for the right moment. What the Cancer may not realize is that Scorpios are predators, and they love the chase as much as actually catching what they desire. If the Cancer gives in too early, or the Scorpio is not fully committed, the Scorpio can maintain emotional detachment and use the Cancer until his or her wants are satiated.

    Understanding Their Complexities.

    Scorpios are very sensitive, deeply feeling, and often get hurt in romantic relationships. This is because they become blind when they allow their partner in too close. If a Scorpio has had one or more experiences where they have been hurt by a significant other, he or she can become possessive and jealous. Because they feel blinded by their own feelings, Scorpios will lash out and may hurl irrational accusations at their partners. It requires a certain type to battle against, and seek understanding of, a Scorpio’s more complex nature. 

    (by Sarah Anne Brown)